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Recharge Minnesota is a program that supports and publicly recognizes companies, schools, civic leaders and others who take specific steps to encourage greater EV adoption. Participating organizations pledge to take action on programs that include installing EV charging stations, promoting EVs, and reviewing their own fleet for electrification opportunities to convert to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Current Participants

Program Benefits

  1. Recognition

    Receive recognition from leading state representatives and others for your EV-related efforts during the annual Recharge Minnesota Ceremony.

  2. Peer-to-Peer Learning

    Learn from other participants about their experiences with EVs.

  3. Resources

    Information resources and other EV-related educational opportunities are made available to all program participants. We will work with you to create a professional video to highlight your EV-related efforts for the recognition ceremony.

EV Facts

$1 per GallonCharging an EV is equivalent to paying $1 per gallon of gas.


91percentPercentage of employers who receive positive feedback from employees about workplace charging programs.*

*U.S. Department of Energy Workplace Charging Challenge, 2016

3 times more likelyEVs are three times more efficient than internal combustion vehicles.

We are proud to be a part of Recharge Minnesota and among other organizations who are putting electrification of the transportation sector as a strategic priority. We are happy to be a part of this transformation and happy to see the future is electric.

David Raenallo
Great River Energy

We are continually building a culture around sustainability and identifying new opportunities to advance those efforts, EV infrastructure and adoption being a current priority, so we are excited to be a part of Recharge Minnesota.

Lauren Jensen
City of Rochester

Current program participants represent a mix of higher education, utilities, corporations, dealerships, and communities from across Greater Minnesota.

84% of participants have EV charging infrastructure with an additional 10% planning to add infrastructure by the end of 2021.

160K+ Minnesota residents have participated in EV education activities related to Recharge Minnesota.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz“I’m so grateful to be in the virtual presence of eager Minnesotans who recognize the value of EVs not only as a way to mitigate climate change, but also the smart economics behind EVs and EV charging. It’s [participant’s] willingness to share [their] stories of success, challenges, and solutions to help others learn about EV technology that help bring us to the forefront of innovation, talent retention, and economic opportunity.”

Governor Tim Walz
September 22, 2020

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  1. Create an EV Action Team to develop and implement your EV strategies.
  2. Submit your organization’s pledge to participate in Recharge Minnesota.
  3. Share progress for use in case studies and program webinars.
  4. Once your pledge is submitted, participants have the opportunity to be recognized by Recharge Minnesota through:
      • Website Acknowledgment
      • Regular Outreach Events
      • Case Studies
      • Annual Recognition Event

Program Partners