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Community leaders in Greater Mankato are collaborating to establish our region as a leader for livability, innovation and opportunity. Central to our work is embracing a remarkable transition that is occurring with clean energy. We are working jointly to establish our region as a centerpiece of efforts nationally and globally to usher in a new generation of mobility and recreational options centered on the promise of advanced electric technology of all types.

As a community leader, you’re invited to join us in this initiative by participating in Recharge Minnesota activities locally and initiatives aimed at spotlighting community leaders in the drive for new transportation and recreational options. We believe this work can help achieve many of our community goals in the years ahead.



We are working to capture the economic benefits of electric vehicles, which in our region we anticipate are at least $1,000 annually per vehicle, once they are in our community.


We recognize that many aspects of our community, from our local philanthropic leaders to educational institutions to leaders of all stripes, will play a central role in achieving this outcome for our region.


Near-term commitments by a host of entities will be required to facilitate the transition.

Together we can make a difference in communities across Minnesota.

Leading the Charge in Zero Emission Vehicle Adoption in Greater Mankato and Minnesota

Participants Include

Please Join Us

A growing number of innovation and economic leaders in Minnesota are being recognized for their participation in Recharge Minnesota, a pathbreaking public/private partnership aimed at recognizing leaders in the transition to clean energy by way of electric vehicles.

We would like to invite your participation in Recharge Minnesota. Participants are recognized at an annual event where they stand among other leaders in receiving positive public attention for their work in support of transportation and recreational electrification.

Recharge Minnesota supports community leaders in achieving their zero-emission vehicle goals by providing information resources, sharing relevant experiences and, when appropriate, mentoring others.

Participants pledge to create a plan that includes implementing one or more activities to help more people gain access to clean transportation and report on their progress in implementing their plan. This can include buying an electric vehicle, hosting or supporting educational events, implementing a Level 2 or Level 3 charging station, converting your fleet to all electric, or supporting community initiatives aimed at speeding the transition to clean transportation.

To Participate in Recharge Minnesota, Leaders
Simply Take Three Steps:

Submit your participation pledge online at;

Create a plan appropriate to your circumstance and submit it to the to the org website within four months of submitting your pledge;

Report on your progress in implementing the plan within one year of its submittal.

Participate in Recharge Minnesota

Participants in Recharge Minnesota establish an Electric Vehicle Action Team that develops and implements an EV Action Plan outlining their contributions to the push for electric vehicle transportation in Minnesota.

Once your pledge is submitted, participants have the opportunity to be recognized on the Recharge Minnesota website, have their successes showcased in Recharge Minnesota public outreach, and participate in an annual Recharge Minnesota recognition event.


Participate in Recharge Minnesota


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